RM Series 600 Gallon

High Capacity 3-Point Sprayer

The new Demco 600 gallon rear mounted sprayer is just the type of unique product you can expect from Demco to help meet the needs of your farming operation. 

The design and placement of the tank allows this high capacity 3-point sprayer to mount closer to the tractor.  The tank has a sump for superior product clean-out and drainage.  This sprayer is available with a 45', 60', 66’ or 80'/90’ hydraulic front folding boom.

  • 600 gallon tank with 16 inch fillwell, jet agitation, molded sight gauge, and large centered drainage sump.
  • Category “3” or “4” rear mount brackets may be used with “Quick Attach” three point hookup.
  • Large, convenient platform with safety rail and ladder for easy filling of the tank.
  • Retractable, built-in ground stand for storage when empty.
  • A clean water tank is conveniently mounted on the rear mount unit.
  • Available with 45, 60, 66 or 80/90' front fold booms.

NOTE: Factory setup is standard.
NOTE: Order Spray Tips Separately.

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