I wouldn't change a thing about our Demco liquid tender trailer. Only regret is that I did not buy it years sooner.

Chris Ohrt – Kankakee IL

Demco is great company manufactures a quality product and they stand behind their products! I had a 13K slider 5-wheel hitch the jerked my truck when I turned. This was my first 5-wheel so I was inexperienced on how this hitch should function. I did return to Colerain RV twice that installed the hitch but saw no improvement. I then spoke to and engineer at Demco and he gave a few pointers on what may be causing the problem. After making these adjustments it was better but still jerked while turning. I called Demco and the customer service agent could not have been more helpful. After asking a few questions and sending him pictures. He said the had seen a couple of issues with the hitch and without hesitation said they would have new hitch shipped the next week. I received the new hitch, and I am very impress with the quality of the product! Thank you Demco and Verlin for standing behind your products! I would recommend the Demco product to anyone!

Dave Fagel from Indianapolis, Indiana

Justin bought a Demco 1322 Grain Cart in Fall of 2019. He is very happy with his purchase!

His favorite things about the cart are:

1) Corner auger [better visibility of the auger end]

2) Steep sides for wet corn [great clean out]

3) And the most important part about the cart is the Direct Drive [No belts that can slip and fewer parts requiring additional maintenance]

Justin Baer from Onaka, South Dakota

There are two attributes that, in particular, are important to customers. The quality of the product -- and the quality of the people that support it.

I've owned many trailers and have purchased product from several competitors of Demco.

I say this with no exaggeration: Demco is -- by far -- the most professional and customer oriented company I have ever worked with. It's not even close. You have a fine company, and I am thankful for your support in troubleshooting my coupler. Here is what I observed:

1. Genuine concern and interest in solving the problem.
2. Cool, calm and friendly interaction. You asked questions and listened.
3. Focus. I never felt as though you were sweeping the concern away to get to something more important (than me, the customer).
4. Clear communication. Your explanations were easy to understand.
5. Expertise. You understand this product hands down.
6. Efficiency. This is a trait that most customer-facing people don't understand. Taking the time to listen and focus actually makes for more time efficiency. It did, with respect, to this coupler issue for me.

Demco is one heck of a good company, and I sincerely thank you.

John S.

I bought an Excalibar tow bar in, I think, 1987. It functions and works great. I estimate about 200,000 miles on it and it has outlasted 3 motorhomes!

Jerry from Ontario, California

Good afternoon. I was so pleased with my Demco AutoSlide, and some of the "unintended" positive results I got out of the product, that I felt the need to share and send a few pics. I chose the Demco Autoslide due to owning a Titan XD CC SWB (which is a really short bed) and wanted to ensure I had plenty of cab clearance when turning.

Not only did the AutoSlide give me more than enough room when turning with my fifth wheel, the clearance was so great that I was able to leave my above the rail toolbox and still make almost a 90 degree turn!!

There's not another product out there that I know of that will accomplish that, especially on a 6.5 bed and in most cases, I think on an 8' bed.
You guys saved me $500.00 in having to purchase a fifth wheel tool box. Thanks!

Concerning towing, the AutoSlide dispels all the old myths about using a king pin and fifth wheel. My family and I have put over 2500 miles of towing in this summer and I have to tell you it pulls like a dream! I have to look in the mirror and hope my trailer is still there because it is so quiet without "clunking" or chatter.

I am so excited as to how well the Demco product has proven that my wife is even tired of me talking about it (smile).

Thanks for building such a fabulous product. Money well spent.

Andy R.

I just wanted to say thank you to one my favorite companies in the RV industry. I knew I made the right choice 25 years ago when I bought my tow bar from you. 5 toads and 1 bar later I am just as happy today that I chose you as my supplier for my toad. Now to get that new motorhome and air force braking system for my 2020 Rubicon!!

Mark Twiest Ph.D and Meghan Twiest Ed.D. from Pennsylvania

I purchased a Demco Aluminator tow bar 10 years ago. It has worked extremely well all this time. Recently I decided to take advantage of the lifetime warranty on this product and sent it back to Demco for the free refurbishing service as a couple of small things were wearing. I received the tow bar back within 2 weeks (12 days of courier delivery) and it is just like new again. What a wonderful service!! I cannot express how happy I am with Demco as a company, as there are so many problems it seems dealing with other companies. Well done Demco and, of course, I will be telling many people about the wonderful service you provide.

Glen from British of Colombia

We are writing a letter to express our gratitude to everyone in Demco Products (Dethmers Manufacturing Co) for the quality craftsmanship, creativity and professionalism of your employees.

We were impressed by how seriously Demco Products takes it’s commitment to quality, communication and professionalism. Those values are easy to promise but hard to deliver in practice. Demco Products nailed it and everyone involved in the Demco Kar Kaddy Dolly project helped to make it a great experience for us even in the pouring rain. Everything was completed, ready for pick up, on schedule and within our planned budget. They covered our Demco Kar Kaddy Dolly in a sturdy card board box with plastic, added tie downs to prevent movement, then loaded the Demco Kar Kaddy Dolly box expertly onto the back of our pickup. All the Demco Products employees involved in this project were very responsive to our needs. They answered all questions/concerns with a positive manner.

The construction of the Demco Kar Kaddy Dolly and process was made with excellent quality. At home, my husband assembled this Demco Kar Kaddy Dolly with ease because of the easy to follow directions and illustrations.

In conclusion, we found the Demco Products owners and workers to be good, thoughtful, caring people as well as providing excellent products.
We would not hesitate to buy/order Demco Products again. Most importantly, the work itself was of the highest quality.
We have already recommended Demco Products to our friends, and fully intend to use their services again.

We give Demco Products our strongest recommendation. We would highly recommend Demco products to anyone who is looking for wonderful craftsmanship by a professional group whose utmost concern is the owner’s happiness with a positive end result!

Roger and Mary from North Dakota

Al purchased a Demco Autoslide Hitch 5 1/2 years ago. He tows 16,000 lbs with this hitch on a 38ft. 5th wheel. To date, he has towed a total of 43,280 miles! He and his wife are full time travelers.

Al did thorough research on his hitch and was swayed after the realization that Demco was the manufacturer of KarKaddy tow dollys, knowing that this was a great quality product.

As Al says, when you're going 65 mph pulling your entire home behind you, you've got to have faith in what you're towing with.

Al from Keokuk, Iowa

I bought a new Demco 42’ Grain Trailer for fall harvest. I like everything about this trailer! The trap door is narrower and fits over the auger way better [than a previous brand of grain trailer I owned] and makes the door open super easy!

Jeff Sindelar

I really enjoy my DEMCO 600-gallon three-point sprayer with 90’ boom. I truly think more farmers should look at trying this option. I’m using a very reliable tractor…..which I already own & need……..vs. a somewhat tired used self-propelled unit. The tank and frame are very COMPACT allowing it to mount close to the tractor. The boom controls with the AUTO Boom Glide system are quite simple and I just don’t feel as wiped out after a day of spraying

Rick Schilling

We like the light weight of the Demco gondola, and the fact that we can order a turnkey, ready-to-roll Demco from our dealer.

Bud Knight, Logistics Manager for Midwest Scrap Management in KC, MO

We currently run a fleet of 5 Demco gondola trailers. The durability is outstanding – We love our Demco trailers!

Dick Diehl, Owner of Diehl & Neumaier, DeForest, WI

"I really love the Demco hitches over other hitches; you don't have to worry about adding in the capture plates or the height adjustment. All you have to do is look at one and see how well built they are."

Customer at RV One Superstore (Buford GA) (Blue Compass RV)

"The Demco sidequest tanks on my 8rx 370 worked great. I can’t think of anything I did not like. They were easy to install. The plumbing was easy. I like the placement of tank's main valve handle. It is easy to see the tank level inside the tractor cab, and the visibility was excellent. The side mount tanks really did not block much of the view. The 8rx 370 steering was dead on running 12 mph. The tank’s 1000 gallons weight did not affect the steering like a two-tracked or wheel tractors."

Tim Niewohner from Onawa, IA.

"I just want to say I have never dealt with another company that has provided excellent customer service and support as Brian Van Der Vliet and Demco. I have had one of your AirForceOne braking systems installed in my Ford F-150 for over three years. I recently had a situation where I thought the system was malfunctioning and I needed to speak to someone. I called and was immediately directed to Brian, I explained what I thought was a problem, and Brian explained that it was a normal operation for the system. He then went on to explain the operation of the system in terms I could understand. This gave me a better understanding of the system and that I understood what I thought was a malfunction. A few weeks later, I had another problem and called Brian, he immediately knew the problem (faulty check valve) and told me how to test it. Well, the valve was the problem, and Brian is sending a replacement. Again, customer service and your representative Brian have outstandingly provided customer support. Thank you and Demco."

George Ruple

“I will say that when I call into Demco for parts or information, I get to talk to someone who knows what they are doing and is helpful - every time. I cannot say that for all Mfg’s.”

Nick Z.- Iowa

Half a decade of impeccable performance without encountering any issues! I'm truly grateful to the talented team behind Demco's Autoslider. Their exceptional design and top-notch manufacturing deserve all the praise. I've been proudly recommending Demco products to friends, thanks to this incredible hitch experience." - Lou

Lou L.- Iowa