ISO Certification

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Is designed to provide structure through a process approach to a quality system.

ISO acclaims 8 management principles, which provide the foundation for the ISO 9001:2015 series of standards. They are:

  1. Focusing on the customer
  2. Providing quality leadership
  3. Getting involvement of people
  4. Maintaining a process approach
  5. Using the system approach to management
  6. Pursuing continuous improvement
  7. Making decisions based on facts
  8. Maintaining mutually beneficial supplier relationships

These principles are the key philosophies of a successful quality-minded organization. They are the underlying tenets of ISO 9001.

Obtaining an ISO status delivers positive end results. Our buyers, consumers and end users recognize this as a measurable international standard for a quality system. At Demco we constantly strive for continuous improvement to meet or exceed customers' expectations to deliver the best products and services. Our employees acknowledge well defined procedures and benefit from working in a positive environment. Our local community appreciates our commitment to quality employment and long term economic stability. In the end, everyone wins with ISO.